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Hit The Target In Tulsa and Copperas Cove

Cinergy's latest attraction is now open in Tulsa and Copperas Cove: Axe Throwdown! You and a group of friends, with the help of an "Axepert," can enjoy the thrill of the axe wield and hitting a bull's-eye! If you've got the chops, challenge yourselves with a variety of games such as tic-tac-toe, up the river, timber, and blackjack. Release your inner lumberjack! Book your event in person for ages 11 and up.


Check the locations page for most current hours of operation.

Parties of 8 or more

Cinergy Axe Throwdown is the perfect game for your next outing. Whether you're celebrating a special birthday or event, looking for an exciting team building exercise, or just want to hang with your closest friends. For parties of 8 or more fill out the contact info below to inquire about an event:

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How much does it cost?

For current axe-throwing pricing contact your local center.

How long can I throw?

Axe throwdown is booked in 75-minute intervals, given availability you can book more than one game.

What do I get for the price?

Included with your 75 minutes of axe throwdown, you will receive training from a professional Axepert.

What are the games?

Tic-tac-toe, first to 30, timber, and blackjack.

Where do I sign up?

You can sign up in person subject to availability.

Can we bring our own axe?

Axes will be provided for you; outside axes are not permitted.

How old do you need to be?

All participants must be 11 years or older.

Can we have food and drinks while playing?

We encourage guests to enjoy food and drink from our full restaurant and bar while throwdown. No outside food will be allowed.

Is there a dress code?

Please wear close-toed shoes and comfortable clothes.

How big a group can we play with?

Lanes fit 5 people each, if you have more than 5 people please reserve extra lanes ahead of time.

What time are the shows?

Our showtimes may vary throughout the week. 

If I am not having fun, or don't hit the target can I get my money back?

Payments are non-refundable, but our trained Axepert are there to help you feel safe and have fun.